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Today's Date: 11/28/2023 9:33:27 AM

Please indicate to what degree you believe BHSU has prepared you to do the following with 1 lowest, 5 highest, and NA to indicate not applicable. We also appreciate your comments.

1. The teacher demonstrates understanding of the fundamental concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the content she or he teaches.*  
2. The teacher demonstrates understanding of how students develop and learn, and designs instruction that promotes their mental, social, and personal development.*  
3. The teacher uses research on pedagogy to create meaningful learning experiences.*  
4. The teacher respects all students and appreciates students from diverse cultural backgrounds and those with exceptionalities.*  
5. The teacher creates instruction designed for students from diverse cultural backgrounds and those with exceptionalities.*  
6. The teacher uses a variety of instructional strategies to promote student's critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills.*  
7. The teacher integrates technology to enhance students' learning.*  
8. The teacher establishes a safe and positive classroom climate.*  
9. The teacher demonstrates understanding of motivation and behavior to create a classroom environment that encourages active learning and self-motivation.*  
10. The teacher uses effective verbal, non-verbal, and media communication techniques in the classroom.*  
11. The teacher plans instruction effectively based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, community, and curriculum frameworks, including state and national standards.*  
12. The teacher demonstrates understanding of assessment strategies to ensure students' intellectual, social, and physical development.*  
13. The teacher reflects upon/evaluates instructional practices to support student learning.*  
14. The teacher continually seeks opportunities for professional growth and development.*  
15. The teacher communicates and interacts positively with parents/guardians, colleagues, and the community.*  
16. The teacher demonstrates understanding of the legal and ethical responsibilities of the teaching profession.*  
17a. Have you accepted a teaching position?*  
17b. If so, what is the position and location?
18. Please provide an alternative email address where you can be reached after graduation:*
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