Professional Dispositions Assessment Form (PDA)
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This form is used for admission to student teaching (ELED 495 & SEED 495), program exit (Student Teaching), Graduate Student Teaching, and/or to document specific behaviors. Please complete and submit this form.

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Please rate the candidate using the following scale:

  • 4 = Teacher candidate demonstrate uniquely exceptional ability, equivalent to or approaching a master teacher
  • 3 = Target, teacher candidate consistently and intentionally performs and demonstrates behaviors in accordance with the element
  • 2 = Minimum Competency, teacher candidate demonstrates ability to perform and demonstrates behavior as a one-time event or repetitively erratically with errors or
  • 1 = Rudimentary, teacher candidate attempts to perform and demonstrates behavior but does so with errors
  • 0 = no attempt to perform and demonstrate behavior
  • N/O = not observed
Professional Conduct (SD Code of Ethics for Teachers)

1. The teacher candidate demonstrates basic characteristic of professionalism:*

a. Present -
b. Punctual -
c. Prepared -
d. Appropriately Attired -
e. Personal Hygiene -
2. The teacher candidate completes assigned tasks that demonstrate high personal standards:*
3. The teacher candidate takes personal responsibility for late and/or missed assignments or duties:*
4. The teacher candidate models professional language and professional behavior:*
5. The teacher candidate recognizes her/his professional responsibility to a learning community by being actively engaged in class (InTASC 9):*
6. The teacher candidate complies with university/SOE/school building/district policies and/or procedures (InTASC 9):*
7. The teacher candidate maintains professional relationships with P-12 students (InTASC 9):*
8. The teacher candidate maintains confidentiality of professional information acquired about students, peers, and professional members of the university & P-12 school personnel (InTASC 9):*
Competent Professionals
Application of Content.
1. The teacher candidate demonstrates engagement in broadening content knowledge (InTASC 4):*
2. The teacher candidate fosters the development of the P-12 learners’ critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving across disciplines. (InTASC 5):*
Apply research-based instructional practices.
3. The teacher candidate effectively differentiates instruction (InTASC 1):*
4. The teacher candidate implements current research-based instruction (InTASC 7):*
Reflect and think critically to impact student learning.
5. The teacher candidate engages in professional discourse about P-12 students’ learning of the discipline (InTASC 4):*
6. The teacher candidate revises plans based on classroom circumstances, student needs, and student ideas (InTASC 7):*
7. The teacher candidate demonstrates continuous development of individual students' abilities (InTASC 7):*
8. The teacher candidate implements motivational strategies that encourage each student's development (InTASC 8 ):*
9. The teacher candidate uses appropriate assessment and evaluation to identify student needs leading to student growth (InTASC 6):*
Confident Professionals
Positively impact student learning.
1. The teacher candidate models respect for each individual learner (InTASC 2):*
2. The teacher candidate uses both students' strengths and concerns as an opportunity for learning growth (InTASC 2):*
3. The teacher candidate builds student-peer relationships to establishing a climate of learning (InTASC 3):*
4. The teacher candidate values the role of students in promoting each other’s learning (InTASC 3):*
Positively impact student communication.
5. The teacher candidate encourages varied modes of communication in the classroom (InTASC 8):*
Positively impact student motivation.
6. The teacher candidate displays a positive attitude toward the discipline(s) taught (InTASC 3):*
7. The teacher candidate uses individualized evidence to motivate P-12 student learning (InTASC 6):*
8. The teacher candidate seeks opportunities to employ effective instructional strategies to encourage meaningful learning. (InTASC 8):*
Caring Professionals
Establish relationships in an environment of mutual respect and rapport as evidenced by students feeling valued and safe.
1. The teacher candidate models respect for human diversity (InTASC 2):*
2. The teacher candidate persists in helping others achieve success (InTASC 2):*
3. The teacher candidate establishes a positive classroom climate that contributes to students feeling valued and safe (InTASC 3):*
4. The teacher candidate responds to all aspects of a child’s well-being (cognitive, emotional, social, and physical) (InTASC 2 ):*
5. The teacher candidate embraces the challenge of collaborating with parents, colleagues, and the extended learning community. (InTASC 10):*
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Ratings of "Yes with Reservations" or "No" need specific reasons.
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