Internship Evaluation of University Supervisor
Please complete this evaluation. The form will be sent to the Office of Field Experience and yourself. Note that the University Supervisor does not receive a copy of it through this online form.
Current Status:
Intern Name:
University Supervisor Data
University Supervisor Name:
Today's Date: 6/18/2024 1:45:39 PM
Content Area/Grade Level:

Please rate your University Supervisor member on the following statements. Select either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory on the rating scale below.

Responsibility 1: Building Positive Relationships
A. Creates a positive, professional relationship with intern and clinical educator:

Responsibility 2: Knowledge
A. Knows current best practices and assists the intern in improving planning, instruction, and assessment skills:

B. Offers effective help to intern with a focus on improving P-12 student learning:

Responsibility 3: Conferencing and Assessments Skills
A. Clearly communicates to intern goals and timelines for observations and TWS:

B. Formally and fairly observes and evaluates intern performance based on rubic descriptors:

Responsibility 4: Communication
A. Clearly communicates expectations, goals, objectives, policies to intern:

B. Works effectively to help solve problems regarding intern performance concerns or other placement issues, including following POA Protocol, if necessary:

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