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Based on the information received from the South Dakota Board of Regents regarding Governor Noem’s Executive Order 2022-10, which bans the social media platform TikTok for state government agencies, employees, and contractors using state devices, BHSU is implementing the following guidelines:

  • University employees are not permitted to access or use TikTok on university devices.* 
  • TikTok may not be used for any university marketing or communications.
  • University TikTok accounts must be deactivated by the end of the week (12/10).
  • Campuses may not transfer their account to a non-BOR governed organization.
  • Student groups may use the platform, however no TikTok accounts can be listed or promoted on the university website, social media, or other official university channels.

In his Executive Report, SDBOR Executive Director Dr. Brian Maher said, “We’ve received a number of inquiries regarding the Board’s response to Governor Noem’s executive order banning TikTok. The Board of Regents supports Governor Noem’s ban of TikTok. I’ve spoken with our university presidents, and they have been informed that employees may not access or use TikTok on university devices, and that our universities are not to use TikTok for university marketing and communications.”

For questions regarding this issue, please contact

* Governor Noem’s executive order banning TikTok describes government-issued devices as state-issued cell phones, laptops, or any device capable of internet connectivity. This would include university-issued faculty and staff computers/devices and university computer labs/devices. For questions about what constitutes a university device, please email

Submitted by President Laurie Nichols on 2022-12-09