3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in Club Buzz



  • Employee Campaign
  • HLC Orientation to Standards/Criteria and Preparation for April Visit
  • Opportunity Center Located in Library
  • Legislative Session and BHSU Budget Request
  • Center for Faculty Innovation


Click here to see the full agenda.



3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in Club Buzz


Topics will be announced at a later date.

Submitted by Jacky Easton on 2023-01-24

TRIO Student of the Month

January 2023 Trio Student of the Month 

Reyna Nehl

Reyna Nehl is from McIntosh South Dakota. She loves traveling with her friends and family and visiting new places. She is pursuing a degree in business administration and specializing in entrepreneurship. Reyna shares that the reason she selected this major is because she wants to run her own business and grow in the direction of her life goals. She says she has always loved small boutiques and shopping with her mom and nana. Running a boutique of her own would be a dream come true. Through the TRIO SSS Reyna has utilized advice from her Advisor Nathan, whom she says, “has helped me create goals for my academic adventure and supported me through it.” She also uses the quiet study space, printing and tutoring. Her Advisor Nathan Shares “Reyna is a student, who continues to exceed expectations, and will go far in life. She has the ambitions to own her own business someday and takes the needed time to lay her foundation in her studies to reach that goal. She is a high achieving student, and is planning on graduating in three years, which is a great accomplishment that she is able to do. Reyna has served as one of TRIO’s peer mentors, and with her leadership has been able to make impactful experiences for our new students this academic year. Reyna is one to speak her mind, and advocate for her needs, and the needs of others. It makes me proud that she has been awarded the January Student of the Month, which is well deserved with her hard work and determination for success.” After graduation Reyna plans to start her own business in a small town in rural South Dakota. She wants to do this to help the economy strive and provide her services for the community.

Submitted by Ashley Kircher on 2023-01-24


Wednesday, February 22, 2023
6:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. MST
Depart from Spearfish Chamber

$30.00 fee for this event will cover bus, lunch and snacks.

Please join BHSU and the Spearfish Community for a Day at the Capitol during the Legislative session.

  • Hear from Departments of Labor, Housing, Tourism, BOR
  • Enjoy lunch with our District 31 Legislators
  • Join us on the balcony of the House and Senate Galleries
  • Wrap up the day with an evening reception

Click Here to register & view the itinerary  -  SIGN UP SOON, the bus will fill up quick. 

Submitted by Jacky Easton on 2023-01-20

New Login Experience

BHSU is moving to a new login experience, starting with our Microsoft 365 services. The new login experience is streamlined and offers a modern interface. Users will continue using the same username, password, and Duo approval process. However, the login screen will have a different picture showcasing the Black Hills, and the Duo prompt will have a simplified look. This change will occur for all users on February 7th, but if you would like to have this experience sooner, please email the Help Desk at, and we can enable your account now.

Submitted by Ryan Delzer on 2023-01-24

Campus Printing Update

We are asking all students to update the printer on their connected devices. Please, uninstall the current printer from your device, and then go to to download and install the updated printer. Staff/Faculty who are using a university owned Mac or any type of personally owned device should also uninstall/reinstall on those devices.

This will help us increase print efficiency across campus.

If you have questions, please email me at

Submitted by Lori DuBry on 2023-01-20

Employee Evaluations - YourFuture Performance Management

Please remember that employee evaluations are almost due.  We have many overdue actions that need to be processed as soon as possible.  Below is the timeline with due dates:

  1. Supervsior Creates Plan - Due 12/15/2022
  2. Employee Acknowledges Plan - Due 12/20/2022
  3. Supervsior Evaluation - Due 1/15/2023
  4. HR Review - Due 1/25/2023
  5. Supervisor and Employee Meet - Due 2/15/2023
  6. Employee Acknowledges Evaluation - Due 3/1/2023

Once HR has reviewed the evaluation and it is sitting at step 5, the employee and superivsor will meet in a one-on-one meeting to go over the evaluation.  After that meeting has taken place, supervisors must push it to the employee to review, make comments if necessary, and "acknowledge" to finish the evaluation process.  Once step 6 is finished, the evaluation will be marked as "complete" in the system.

If you have any questions, please reach out to HR.  Thanks!


Submitted by Cassie Maser on 2023-01-23

Annual Benefit, Wellness & Financial Planning Expo

Annual Benefits, Wellness & Financial Planning Expo!

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, a variety of investment/insurance companies will be on campus and available from 9 am – 3 pm in the Jacket Legacy Room to meet with you about investing opportunities and/or your employee benefits.  Also, speakers are scheduled to present as shown below:

  • 9:00—10:00: SDRS - A general overview of the SD Retirement System and what this means for you!
  • 10:15—11:15: SDRS Supplemental - A summary of the 457 and Special Pay Plans.
  • 11:30 – 12:30: Risty Benefits - Long term care insurance.
  • 12:45—2:15: SDRS - Early to Mid- Career Workshop; what you should be doing right now for your future.

Open to all BHSU employees, students, and spouses with a chance to win prize drawings for those who attend! This is a great opportunity to learn about investing as well as ask questions about your employee benefits!

Also, individual retirement sessions will be avaialble throughout the day.  Please contact HR at 605.642.6549 to sign up for a ONE-ON-ONE session with SDRS - limited spots are avaialble!  

Please contact Human Resources at 605.642.6549 with questions.

Submitted by Cassie Maser on 2023-01-23

Faculty: Please submit JacketHub Progress Reports by Tomorrow

JacketHub progress reports are due by the end of the day tomorrow (Wednesday, January 25th). 

If you do raise an alert for a student via the progress report or individually, please leave a comment. This informs the student about the issue and gives the advisor context so they can begin a conversation.  Please mark all students for whom you do not have concern as At Risk category "No". 

These reports are a vital link in communication to advisors, alerting us to students who may be having a poor start this semester.  Your information allows us to help students remedy the situation early.  The reports also alert the registrar to students who have not returned to campus and therefore should be administratively withdrawn to minimize financial impacts for students and BHSU.

Please email Janette Hettick-Waltz, Director of the Student Success Center, if you have questions or need help – Janette.Hettick@bhsu.eduThank you for your work!

Submitted by Janette Hettick-Waltz on 2023-01-23

Indian Taco Sale

Hello everyone, Lakota Omniciye will be having an Indian Taco Sale below the bookstore on February 1st starting at 11:00 AM!

Submitted by Isabella Montero on 2023-01-23

Free Office Chairs

Facilities Services has 100 office chairs available for free issue. If you are interested in a newer office chair on wheels with lumbar, armrests and multiple height adjustments, then please stop by Facilities Services to check them out. We will deliver and remove any chairs that you would like replaced. 

A similar chair is at this link:

The chairs we have are styled with a black mesh back, black armrests and a teal color seat, they are very nice! 

Please contact Roxanne Lewis if you would like to secure a chair(s) by Friday, January 27, 2023. 

Submitted by Debbie Liddick on 2023-01-24

Career Development is on JacketHub!!

Please share this with students!!


Do you need help with jobs, internships, resumes, cover letters, personal assistance, or exploring career options?

Schedule an appointment with Career Development on JacketHub today!! or 605.642.6269

Submitted by Career Development on 2023-01-23

Check Out These Openings on Handshake!

Please share these with students!

Check out these jobs on Handshake!

  • #7417230 Youth Educator
  • #4575917 Housekeeper-La Quinta Inn & Suites
  • #7382577 Residential Overnight Counselor/Worker - Canyon Hills
  • #4621660 Front Desk Associate-Hampton Inn & Suites
  • #4486863 Lifeguard-Watiki Indoor Waterpark Resort

Contact: or 605.642.6269

Submitted by Career Development on 2023-01-23

Accepting Nominations for Spirit of BH Award

The BHSU Alumni Association is sponsoring the 32nd annual Spirit of BH Award and is requesting nominations for this year's recipient.  This award will be presented at the Student Volunteer Awards Celebration on Thursday, April 13th. 

On behalf of the alumni association, I am requesting your help to identify a student who has demonstrated an enthusiasm for learning while making significant contributions that reflect favorably on the university and larger community.  The selction committee is made up of faculty, staff, and board members. 

Please use this nomination form.  Deadline to submit an entry for the Spirit of BH Award is Wednesday, March 1st. 

For more information please contact or 642-6446. 



Submitted by Tom Wheaton on 2023-01-23

SD Unum Long Term Care Insurance

Greetings!  Here is a message from our benefits consultant at Risty Benefits who manages the long term care insurnace.

As a state employee, you must enroll in the Supplemental Life with LTC plan (aka “X times your salary’ Plan) to be added to the SD Group UNUM LTC Plan (2-Year $1500/mo.) at no cost to you. It doesn’t matter if you choose 1x or 7x your salary in Supplemental Life.  Employees can buy-up to as much as $8000/mo. with 2-Year, 6-year, and Unlimited duration options.  The employee, employee’s spouse, employee’s mother and father, employee’s mother-in-law and father in-law, employee’s siblings and siblings’ spouses, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, as well as the employee’s adult children and their spouses are ALL eligible to join the group plan without having to be an employee of the state.  (Employees outside of their 1st 60 days of employment and all family members must be less than 80 years old and must answer some basic and limited underwriting questions …”Application Evidence of Insurability”).  All employees have a 60-day window from date of hire to buy as much as they choose with ZERO underwriting (Guaranteed Issue with ZERO questions to answer)  Whether you quit, terminate, or retire; the benefit carries with you into retirement (1 form that changes payroll deduction to checking account auto-draft is all that is needed).  You have 60 days to transfer payment to your personal account, or the benefit terminates.  When you “buy-up” you are still credited the amount the state paid for your 2-year $1500/mo. plan.  When you leave employment, you merely add the small amount that the state paid for the 2-year $1500/mo. plan to your normal payroll-deducted amount.

If you would like additional information please contact Human Resources at 642-6549.

***Be sure to stop by the Risty Benefits booth during the Annual Benefits Fair on campus on March 7th!***

Submitted by Melissa Hart on 2023-01-20

Save the Date for These Workshops!

Please share these with students!


Professional Document Workshop: Resumes, Cover Letters, and More! 
Mon. March 6, 2023 
9am-10am in the President's Conference Room
4pm-5pm in the Trump Conference Room


Professional Document Workshop: Resumes, Cover Letters, and More! 
Tues. March 7, 2023, 4pm-5pm
President’s Conference Room


Last Chance Before Graduating: Job Searching 
Mon. April 24, 2023, 9am-10am and 4pm-5pm 
Tues. April 25, 2023, 4pm-5pm 
President's Conference Room


For more information or for persons with disabilities requesting accommodations for this event, please contact Jin Kim at 605.642.6269 or at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event

Submitted by Career Development on 2023-01-18

Check Out These Openings on Handshake!

Please share these with students!

Job and Internship Opportunities in South Dakota!

Apply on Handshake today!!

  • #7322121 Finance Professional I or II
  • #6232630 Graphic Designer
  • #7094079 Mechanic
  • #4621660 Front Desk Associate
  • #5066229 Office Assistant at BHSU
  • #7292986 Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator

Contact: or 605.642.6269

Submitted by Career Development on 2023-01-18

Geek Speakers Needed for Spring

We have a number of slots open for spring Geek Speaks. Are you interested in delivering a lecture, discussion panel, or workshop? Please contact

Submitted by Courtney Wika on 2023-01-17

Geek Speaks are back for spring!

Welcome back, geeks!  Geek Speak kicks off on Monday, January 30 with Dr. Lesleigh Owen and "Birth Control, Life Control: A Ridiculously Brief History of Contraception in the US." This lecture will offer a very, very brief overview of some developments, illegalizations and legalizations, and some gendered and racialized effects of birth control in the US.

Please join us in Jonas 110 at 4:00 p.m.

Coming up:  a two-part talk on the Supreme Court by Craig Christensen, a 1968 BHSU graduate and former lecturer at the law schools of the University of Colorado and University of Denver, who spent 48 years practicing law—including a win at the Supreme Court:

February 6: THE SUPREME COURT: How It Works

In this session we will discuss how the court works and focus on these questions and others as discussion points. How did the Court get formed? What does it get to rule upon and why are they one of the few courts in the world to have final say on its country's Constitution? How are the Justices chosen for the Court and have there always been nine? How does the Court decide which cases to take? If the Court takes a case what happens and how is it decided? Is the Court bound by its prior decisions or can it change its mind? What considerations go into changing its mind or is it purely political? What are Precedent and Stare Decisis? What judicial philosophies guide the various Justices in decision making? Is the Constitution living or dead? What is "active liberty"? What is "textualism"?

Feb 13: THE SUPREME COURT: What to Expect

In a continuation of Part I, we will review the judicial philosophies and Stare Decisis and will discuss the following cases and how those philosophies may affect the outcome:

  1. The use of race or affirmative action in college admissions
  2. The ability of a state to prohibit the sale of pork if the animal was raised in a way that the state considers cruel
  3. Whether a woman's religious and/or First Amendment objections to preparing a same sex wedding website trump a state's statute requiring her to serve all people regardless of sexual orientation
  4. A state legislature's power in federal elections

Faculty and staff: want to join the ranks of Geek? We still have a few spots open for spring. Contact

Submitted by Courtney Huse Wika on 2023-01-02