Please note, missed timesheet submissions or approvals will cause a delay in pay so be mindful of the deadline!!

Timesheets for February 2024: 01/22/24-02/21/2024

Employees – Timesheets must be completed by 9:00 AM MST on Thursday, February 22, 2024

Supervisors – All timesheets must be approved by 4:00 PM MST on Thursday, February 22, 2024


CSA and NFE Overtime Eligible Employees:  (HOURLY)

  • There are 184 hours in the January 22 – February 21 pay period.
  • Enter 8 holiday hours on Monday, February 19 in observance of President’s Day.
    • An employee who is required to work on the date a holiday is observed will receive 8 hours of holiday pay and hours worked.
    • Eligible part-time employees will receive prorated holiday pay.
  • Please send leave requests through the Leave Request System


CSA and NFE Overtime Exempt Employees: (SALARY)

  • Holiday hours will populate during payroll processing.
  • Please send leave requests through the Leave Request System
    • Exempt must take leave in 8-hour increments.



  • Holiday hours will populate during payroll processing.
  • Please send leave requests through the Leave Request System
    • Must take leave in 8-hour increments.



  • Please ensure your employees are requesting the appropriate time off and that the leave requests are approved prior to approving their timesheet.
  • Please make sure to have a proxy set up for when you are out of the office or have last minute change of plans. This can be updated directly in SNAP.
  • Review hours to ensure there are at least 40 hours accounted for Sunday – Saturday each week for CSA/NFE OT Eligible Employees.



Supervisors of Students:

  • Please notify your student workers of when timesheets are due.
  • Review timesheets for appropriate hours and days worked.
  • Ensure student’s hours are entered on SHIFT 1 only.




Please reach out to Jessica.Dold@sdstate.edu for questions relating to timesheets. Thank you!


Submitted by Tamara Merkwan on 2024-02-16

Welcome New BHSU Employees!

Let’s give a Big, Warm, BHSU welcome to the new employees on campus!

  • Jane Hilgendorf – Facility Worker, Facility Services
  • Dawn Miller – Associate Controller, Business Office
Submitted by Ruth Moore on 2024-02-16

Available Positions at BHSU!

Check out these BHSU job openings!  Please share with anyone you know that might be interested!

  • Assistant Director, Center for American Indian Studies
  • Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies
  • Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Assistant Volleyball Coach
  • Instructor of English
  • Instructor of Mathematics
  • Instructor of Theater
  • Professional Advisor
  • Senior Accountant, Business Office
  • Technology and Online Resources Librarian

Staff and Faculty job listings can be found here:


Submitted by Ruth Moore on 2024-02-16

Send-A-Thanks Recipients

The Send-a-Thanks platform was developed for employees to be able to send a special thank you, or kudos, to one of their colleagues across campus.  Employees who receive a send-a-thanks are entered into a monthly drawing for either a bookstore gift card or a mug and gift card courtesy of Einstein's.  

We would like to give a shout out to the recipients who received some kudos!    

  • Rob Houdek – Controller, Business Office
  • Sydney Pollack – Network Engineer, Network & Computer Services
  • Melissa Simpson - Budget Coordinator, Budget Office

If you would like to send a special recognition to someone, please click the quick link on the main e-Update email.

Thank you all for everything you do for BHSU!!

Submitted by Ruth Moore on 2024-02-16

All-Staff Meeting February 21, 2024

Staff are invited to join the BHSU Staff Senate for their All-Staff meeting on Wednesday, February 24, 2024, at 10am in the Student Union Trump Conference Room.  A Zoom link is also available on the Staff Senate page of the BHSU website.  Items for discussion will include changes to and approval of the Staff Senate Bylaws and nominees for the vacant Senator positions.  (A second opportunity to nominate Senate candidates will be forthcoming by email.)  Please join us at our All-Staff meeting on February 21!  

Submitted by Nancy J. Shuck on 2024-02-16

Military Appreciation Night BHSU Basketball Game
On Friday, March 1st is the annual Military Appreciation Night BHSU Basketball Game.   BHSU will be playing Colorado State Christian University at the Young Center, Spearfish Campus.   5 PM for the Women's game, and 7 PM for the Men's game.  If you're Active military or a Veteran, you get in free at the door.  You'll also get two free tickets for guests.
Submitted by Gregory Krajewski on 2024-02-16

Accepting Nominations for Spirit of BH Award

The BHSU Alumni Association is sponsoring the 33rd annual Spirit of BH Award and is requesting nominations for this year's recipient.  This award will be presented at the Student Volunteer Awards Celebration on Tuesday, April 16th. 

On behalf of the alumni association, I am requesting your help to identify a student who has demonstrated an enthusiasm for learning while making signifcant contributions that reflect favorably on the university and larger community.  The selection committee is made up of faculty, staff, and board members. 

Please use this nomination form.  Deadline to submit an entry for the Spirit of BH Award is Thursday, March 7th.

For more information please contact Tom.Wheaton@BHSU.edu or 642-6446.

Submitted by Tom Wheaton on 2024-02-15


The following policy/policies have been adopted, revised, or reviewed and approved by the President. 

Click here to view the full Policy & Procedure web page. 

Submitted by Jacky Easton on 2024-02-15

Lakota Omniciye Indian Taco Fundraiser

Come support the Lakota Omniciye Indian Taco Sale fundraiser.

Tacos will be sold 3/6/24 under the bookstore at 11 am until sold out.

All proceeds will support the annual Wacipi held April 13, 2024. Thank you!

Submitted by Alberta Miner on 2024-02-02

Faculty Workshop: Student-Centered Syllabi

We spend a lot of time crafting, updating, and sharing syllabi. And yet, we often find that we have to beg, bribe, or threaten the primary audience of syllabi to read them. Surely there's a better way!

In this workshop, we'll explore examples of what educational designers have come to call "student-centered syllabi" - syllabi that are easy to navigate, that are attractive, accessible, and invite student exploration. Participants will explore examples and make a plan to begin updating their own syllabi. Attendees should bring a digital or physical copy of course syllabus to edit.

Hosts: Nick Van Kley, Prasanthi Pallapu

When: Wed, Feb 21, 3:00pm-4:15pm

Where: JA 103A (RSVP for online option)

RSVP for this workshop: Student-centered syllabi RSVP form

Questions? Email Nicholas.VanKley@bhsu.edu or visit the Center for Faculty Innovation BHSU site 

Submitted by Nick Van Kley on 2024-01-05

Send A Thanks Winner

Send-A-Thanks Recipient Winner 

Congratulations to the January Send-A-Thanks Recipient Winner, Dawn Hunter!  Thank you Dawn for all you do for BHSU!

Also, thank you to the BHSU Bookstore for this month’s prize!

If you would like to Send a Thanks to an employee at BHSU, please follow the link below. You can also find the link on the BHSU Human Resources page. Each employee that receives a kudos will be entered in next month’s drawing!


Submitted by Ruth Moore on 2024-02-12